El Mañana | Unreal Engine 5 | Enviroment

This personal project it's inspired by Passion Pictures and Gorillaz concept in their short film, Feel Good Inc and El mañana.
Created on Unreal Engine 5 with a photorealistic enviroment pipeline. Lighting all real-time dynamic with Lumen and Nanite Meshes.
Really enjoyed making this scene and was a great opportunity to experiment with some advanced techniques like sculpting assets for Nanite.
The terrain and path were created inside Unreal using Quixel megascans assets with some Lattice deformations and foliage with Quixel's new trees.
Lighting it's using an HDRI Backdrop and a Directional Light to simulate the moon and volumetric fog to add depth.
Scene was made with art in mind while still remaining performant framerate.
The Windmill was created and modeled in Maya and later sculpted in Zbrush.
Textures were made using Substance Painter with resources like Megascans and Poliigon.
It was quite some effort and a lot of learning but it pay off at the end, huge shout out to Dekogon's Environment Production course in Artstation Learning,
I do not own the music of the video. Credits for audio go to their respective owners.