It Follows inspired | Unreal Engine 5 | Cinematic Relight

This is a relighting project. I'm using the stunning Modular Swimming Pool Megapack of the UE Marketplace made by Switchboard Studios. This whole cinematic project it´s inspired by the movie It Follows, using moody lighting and a bit of storytelling and animations, to cause different emotions in the environment. I was responsible for the lighting, editing and cinematography.
I've also used Material Parameter Collections and keyframing to achieve the light flickering effect. Caustics were done using light functions. The Characters were done using Metahuman Creator and animated using Control rig by my talented friend Jyri Kataja. Huge thanks!
I´m doing a bit of color grading using DaVinci Resolve.
Created on Unreal Engine 5 with a physically based lighting workflow. Lighting all real-time dynamic with Lumen.
Really had fun on this one!
Jyri´s Artstation:
Marketplace link:

Music and SoundFx by: Epidemic Sound